Why I Love My Friend, Severin

Because he takes so much shit from me, and gives it right back without holding a grudge. Because he is funny and intelligent. Excerpts from recent chat logs:

Me: I am going to stab you in the larynx. And then maybe rip out your trachea.
Sev: Making up body part names isn’t going to intimidate me, Erin.


Me: You know I am always here for you.
Me: Provided it is not inconvenient.
Sev: LOL




And This


Me: so let’s say, purely hypothetically, that i got two ships totally destroyed by guys on the first set of training missions. 0.9 secured space. how likely is it that my stuff will still be there when mike neir logs can maybe help me go get it?
Me: they kill me in like 2 shots.

(He doesn’t respond for a few minutes, because he’s, y’know, at work.)

Me: OMG severin – this is SRS business! 😀
Me: severin severin sevein
Sev: I’m reading, I’m reading! Sev: Well, hypothetically, nobody could be so n00bish to lose ships on training missions, so you need not worry
Me: lol whew
Sev: but, lets say somebody with a brain tumor the size of a golfball was playing
Sev: who was blind
Me: i’m listening.

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  1. well i can comment here but so far not on other posts. not a huge deal for me but HOW CAN I VALIDATE YOU!

    also, now I miss The Sev.

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