Ticket Shenanigans, Part Deux

Not that our tech did a fantastic job with this… but OMG – Batman! Clouds?

I mean, seriously….BATMAN?

Why card Batman refused my right and I did not change my card number
Today the company has reserved a range of other
These are my right and the card every time you paid for it”

Could you please clarify what you are attempting to say?

“You alkalinity that the problem in the Master Card did not accept my right
amount Why?”

We do not get a reason as to why it does not accept your right amount. You
would need to talk to Master Card and ask them why it did not.

“Master Card my right there how much the amount now ????”

50.00USD is currently amount.

Because you are not drawing amount
Do you have a problem in the clouds
You know that these are my right, Master Card”

Would you like us to remove your server? Please let me know.
“I do not want
I want to take the amount of 50”

Who are you taking the amount of 50 from? We have not taken it from you, why
would you take it from us? We have done no transgressions to you sir.

“Wait for review, a top bank on Wednesday next

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