The Sound of Your Ride

Mike Mc. and I may not have much in common, but we do share an overwhelming desire to have music playing while we ride. I’ve worn my current rotation thin and was about to put together a new playlist when it occurred to me: I could see what you guys like and build a list from that. I’d get a sense of what you like to listen to when we’re out and about, and will probably get exposure to some things I’ve never heard of.

I’ll happily publish the playlist on Google Play when it’s done.

If you’d like to contribute, please fill in between one and five of your go-to moto-songs, and then indicate whether you want your name to be listed next to the songs or whether you prefer to be anonymous. I’m asking for email addresses in case I have questions or can’t find the material.

If you’ve gotta submit more than 5 tunes, just fill the form out again.


The resulting playlist was fantastic! See and hear it here: The Sound of Your Ride, Part Deux.

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  1. for various reasons. Whiter Shade of pale because it is one of the Great Rock Anthems of all time
    Bohemian Rhapsody — just because you can sing along and bang your head
    Bodhisavattve – because I like it.
    I LOVE Roy Orbison – almost everything he did – I also Like K.D. Lange and the song Crying is almost perfect. The two together is magical.
    Darkness Darkness — because …. just because. Love this song.

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