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yellowmouser said something the other night about the guys on third shift wondering about having a girl amongst them; “are we going to have to tone down the dick jokes?” was one of the musings. A couple of nights ago, yellowmouser sent me this: “BTW, it occurs to me that all the questions of “Will we have to tone down the language when a chick comes to thirds?” Will change to “Is she going to make us blush?””

That made me giggle.

There’s been a bit of drama circling around me of late, but nothing excruciating. H has apparently found a new place to live, but hasn’t collected her things yet. When she does, I’ll need a new sofa – oh well. The current one is great for individual sitting, but sort of sucks for cuddling on. I’m glad H seems to be on the road to getting her life back in order.

I’m moving to third shift on Monday night/Tuesday morning, which will be an interesting experience. I can’t turn down the extra $100/week, though. I just hope it doesn’t completely obliterate my social life.

Speaking of which, there’s this boy. I’ve only been spending time with him for a little over a week now, but I’m completely twitterpated. He has Teh Awesome Hotness Trifecta: Brilliant, Funny, and Hawt.

In other, non-awesome news, Bell got skunked the other night. She got skunked right in the mouth. Before I realized it, I let her into the house. Where she proceeded to fling skunk-laden drool EVERYWHERE. It’s been nearly a week trying to get the stench out of, oh, everything. During that process, the girls stayed with their grandma. Night before last, I brought them home. Bell went out into the back yard and was very, very quiet for about 10-15 minutes.

She was quiet because she was busy rolling around in the putrid, skunky grass where the action had gone down a few days before.

The dogs are not allowed to stay here until that grass is stank-free.

Alright. Laundry, groceries and so forth. Later, a friend is going to come over and get some aquarium plants from me, then coffee with yellowmouser and then maybe the boy will be done with work. 🙂

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