My, Oh My; How the Times Do Change

At the beginning of spring term this year, I walked into Anatomy, Micro, Micro Lab, and Phlebotomy already owning those classes in my mind. Ok… maybe not phlebotomy, which was marginally terrifying. But still – mentally, I had already conquered them all, because they had to be done, and done well in order to accomplish my next goal – getting A Career.

I was there – I had them. It was a done deal, even though I more than occasionally freaked out about an exam or two.

This term? Not so much.

There is less of a sense of urgency now, there is less necessity, because maybe I’ve already found a sustainable career. I’m definitely less excited about the actual learning this term; anatomy is fascinating – physiology, not as much so, at least, it hasn’t historically been the case for me.

I’m walking into this term reluctantly, grudgingly, and with an air of slight resentment. Class is cutting into my sleep time! Class is cutting into my overtime! Class is cutting into my Mike Time! Class is cutting into my EVE time! Fuck that class.

Well I can’t fuck that class, because I have student loans and a scholarship to which I must pay my respect, however grudgingly.

We’ll gloss over the fact that I got my days confused and came to “the first day of class” on the second day of class. Let’s focus on what I walked into. Statistics. The Maths.

You all know how much The Maths and I get along. My professor seems to be a wonderfully nice man, who is very knowledgeable of the subject matter; however, he is teaching this class for the first time, and I fear he may not yet realize how new all of it is for us. He dismissively mentioned the calculation for standard deviation as if this were something we had all been doing for years.

Two words: Community. College.

Most of us have no earthly idea what a standard deviation is, let alone how to calculate it. It’s been over 12 years since I had stats. Oy.

We breezed through a review of an entire semester’s worth of the physiology we learned in anatomy in about 45 minutes today.

Oh man.

I’m not into this.


But I’ll do it, anyhow. Because I just can’t bring myself not to.

One interesting thing I noted today, though, that never happened to me throughout my entire seven-year undergraduate career at Umich; this whole “courses building on top of each other” thing – it actually works. My class subject matters and attendance were so scatter-shot at Umich, I never really had the experience of something being reinforced over and over again so I actually learned and remembered it.

It’s nifty.

Bed soon. But first… maybe an EVE mission.

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