Letter of Recommendation

I asked my Biology instructor if she would feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation for me, which I could include in my applications for scholarships and to the nursing program. Happily for me, she agreed. She gave me two sealed envelopes before our exam today, with her signature across the backs, along the seals. She offered to give me any extra copies needed, as well.

It was difficult not to rip right into one of them to see what she’d written, but I managed to take my exam (aced; not easy, but I knew the material well) and come home before I opened the copy not going along with my scholarship stuff. I was hoping to have a few quotes that I could throw into my portfolio that’s due later this week.

She wrote me the nicest, most complimentary letter I’ve ever had. I love this instructor! I have from the outset, but gosh – now I’d gladly babysit for her. 😉

I’m not a “SQUEE”-er sort of person, but there was a definite internal sense of “EEEEEE! YAY!!!! Bounce!!!”

Can I share it? Ok. You have sufficiently twisted my arm.

“Dear Members of the Selection Committee:

“I am writing to recommend Erin D. for the scholarship you have available. I am Ms. D’s instructor for BIOL 121, Fundamentals for Physiology, for the Fall 2007 semester. BIOL 121 has a small class size and laboratory that provides a good opportunity for me to interact with students and get to know them individually.

“I can say with confidence that Erin D. is one of the most talented and dynamic students that I have encountered. Ms. D’s excellent scores attest to her academic ability. She frequently scores over 100% on exams by correctly answering bonus questions. She shows her genuine interest in the material by applying it to her own experiences and asking insightful questions. She occasionally shares recent articles or other media related to topics we’ve covered in class. It’s very refreshing to interact with a student who is as enthusiastic about the subject as I am!

“In addition to academic ability, Erin D. shows dedication and leadership. She maintains perfect attendance, studies diligently, and organizes study groups outside of class. Ms. D interacts well with her fellow students and I have frequently seen her assist them with difficult concepts during laboratory exercises and before exams.

“In conclusion, I offer my highest recommendation of Erin D. Please give your full and careful consideration to her application for your scholarship. Feel free to contact me by email at {address} or by phone at {number} if you have any questions or would like additional information.

{Instructor}, Ph.D.”

[Happy Dance!!!]

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