Lessons from the Seventh Grade

me: so last night, i got the stupid buggy thing in Half Life 2
which is so twitchy as to be exceptionally irritating
but shooting it with the grav gun every time it flips over is somewhat satisfying
just as i was about to burst into flames from being annoyed at it…. HL2 totally, TOTALLY made up for everything because i got to kill a bunch of dudes with that giant crane swinging around a cargo container. 😀
mike: stupid buggy thing?
oh dune buggy?
me: yah
it’s fun, but the lack of traction is infuriating
pretty stinking realistic, tho
so i’m guessing at some point in your education, you took a shop class, right?
mike: yep
me: we had ours in 7th grade.
plastics, metalworking, woodworking, etc.
what’s one of the biggest rules they teach you?
mike: don’t put your finger in the band saw?
me: lol
true – maybe the second biggest.
mike: don’t put your face against the belt sander?
me: lol
wow – your teacher was WAY more specific. 😀
“never wear loose clothing or jewelry. always have long hair tied back.”
so, currently, i have a dremel attachment… attached…. to my head.
mike: huh…
that doesn’t sound very good
me: no, it’s probably going to take awhile to unravel
i was trimming the dogs’ nails and forgot The Rule.
mike: trimming the dogs nails with a dremel??
me: yup. way better than clippers. takes longer, but no sharp edges and doesn’t pinch the quick.
sander attachment
mike: seems like they wouldn’t like that
I wouldn’t
me: they’re getting used to it. as long as i’m careful not to let things get hot. i tried it on myself first, it’s fine.
they’re just nervous about the sound/vibration. but they’re good about it.
i daresay bell looked amused as it grabbed ahold of my hair and proceeded to embed itself in me.
me: “stupid human.”
mike: remind me to never let you cut my nails
me: lol
they hate it way less than the clippers, tho.
they’re very ouchy.
plus, it’s easier to overdo it and get the quick.
i’m going to go extract this thing.
mike: have fun 🙂
Sent at 8:38 PM on Monday
me: that wasn’t too bad. 🙂
mike: what did we learn?
me: we learned to pay attention to the nagging feeling that we should put our hair back. 🙂
Sent at 8:51 PM on Monday
mike: very good.
me: thank you.

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