I Haz a New Job!

Starting on Monday, June 23, I’ll be working at a local web hosting company that’s growing by leaps and bounds. The job is thanks in enormous part to ´┐╝yellowmouser, who put in lots of good words about me and helped me develop the confidence necessary to interview well for it. Thank you!

The job is a helpdesk position, although I’m not sure if I’ll be doing Linux or Windows yet. I’m also not sure what my shift will be, but I’ve put in notice at Preuss that I’ll not be working there very often anymore (I’ll keep a few shifts here and there to help pay the bills, though.)

It will be nice not only to pay the bills, but to have a little left-over to occasionally do something fun (modestly fun, but fun nonetheless.)

Next week is my 20th high school reunion. I’m not attending the dinner due to lack of $35 for the dinner, but there’s a pre-party Friday night that should be interesting.

That’s all I have energy for at the moment – I worked 24 out of 36 hours two days ago, and quite a bit today, as well.

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