Taking a break from studying, I looked up my hometown on Wikipedia to see what was there.

As I read about our famous residents, I recalled a comment my cousin made. My great uncle Dick (my dad’s mom’s brother) evidently went to school with Malcom X for a time. His single comment about Malcom X? “That kid was an arrogant asshole.” I can’t help but wonder if assholes like my uncle Dick and other conservative white people in Ingham County embittered a young, ambitious black kid who dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I’m sure there was no end to the mocking of him. [sigh]

Uncle Dick’s daughter now lives in the house a few doors South from where I lived at Grandpa’s. Her entire third floor used to be packed with relics from the Civil War. Apparently, the house belonged to a colonel in the war, and he had just a ton of stuff stored there. Much to my dismay (and, I’m sure, to the dismay of the entire family,) it was all stolen and sold off. It would have been absolutely fascinating to rummage through there. Alas.

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