For My Birthday, I Gave Myself….

.. A Break.

I realized this huge thing: I don’t have to take Physiology this term. I can take it next term, without any detrimental effect.

My professor? Not good. Not good at all.

Thirds? Way not good. I don’t really sleep anymore… I just sort of spastically nap.

However, I’d gotten it into my head that I had to take Physiology this term, because it was Next In The Sequence. Must do!

And, I’d been pretty insistent upon getting onto thirds at work, too, because of the class schedule I had, and because of the money. Plus, it never dawned on me that a.) I couldn’t hack it, and b.) I’d be dating anybody anytime soon, and would have another human’s schedule I’d want to consider.

Wrong on all counts.

So, Physiology next term, and two unscheduled, online (but still program-relevant) classes this term, and I’m switching back to seconds.

The relief is huge.

The class impacts only me, so not a big deal. The shift switching… I feel like an ass about, and rightly so. “Put me on thirds, put me on thirds, put me on thirds! Yay thirds!!” “Oh, um… please put me back on seconds… I am a total puss.”

This company is made of awesome: “You’re unhappy on thirds? Ok, then we won’t make you stay there,” even though I’d been so “please please please please please.” Course, they also need bodies on second shift, so it’s convenient timing. Also handy is the apparently good impression I’ve made on the supervisors, which means I bring at least a little something to the table.

So, in a couple of weeks max, I should resume normal sleep and social functioning.


But this whole admitting defeat thing… man. Suck.

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  1. So I can comment on things now. I’ve stalked this far back, lol
    I really do just have that kind of time on my hands.
    You are a very talented writer and it is all very interesting and entertaining. It is a little creepy that I’m learning so much about you like this. That is what I’m doing though. I know why you drink (ha!) and now I’m catching up on all this history I didn’t know anything about.
    it may be creepy but it is also pretty neat. 🙂

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