Liquid Web and its employees are basically all that’s been on my mind lately (which is fairly hard to tell, I know.) It’s an all-encompassing entity. It’s like the .com era in Seattle all over again, only in a moderately toned-down way.

Most of the employees are between 22 and 35, most are highly intelligent and often socially awkward geek-type people with many common interests, but enough diversification to keep things really interesting. One of the supervisors is a storm-chaser, with a proper storm-chasing truck; a few go to ren faires; one is Powdered Toast Man; many are into aquaria. There’s an employee lounge with a pool table, two Xboxes, a multitude of over-stuffed, tiered couches with seat rumblers underneath, a DVD player, two or three projectors to put all the computers, movies and video games up on the big wall, a couple of stereos and god knows what else. The fridge downstairs stocks hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers with all the fixins, and a beverage cooler slakes our thirst.

The employees are a tightly-knit group, with several even more tightly-knit subgroups. We are connected on Facebook, various IM protocols and we follow each others’ inane moment-to-moment thoughts on Twitter. We hang out before and after work.

Normally, this only child would find all of that just A Bit Too Much, and perhaps, at some point, I will. But for now, oh my god it’s so much fun. After having survived the ravages of being surrounded by Not My People for such a long time, it’s like a cool swim in a slithering river.

Funny how just a couple of twists of fate can turn life around entirely. Thanks, ´┐╝yellowmouser. ­čÖé

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  1. i miss those days. i think we slipped through the cracks right about when EVERYONE either got a motorcycle or grew a beard (or both in many cases). maybe when Chris gets a bike we can join the club again.

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