* Love the new job. The people are awesome, the company continues to amaze me on many levels, and the pay is so much better than I’m used to. Currently, I’m working second shift (4p – 12a,) but will be moving to thirds (12a – 8a) next week or the week after. LW has become my second home; sometimes, I sleep here. I spend more time with these people than I spend alone, and it’s unusual for me not to hate that. 🙂 They’re fun, they’re geeks and they’re brilliant. They’re motivated, with strong work ethics. The company supports going above and beyond for our customers, and they go above and beyond for employees, too. The weekend “Dark Knight” opened, they rented out a local theater and held a private viewing. Next month, they’re renting a huge river boat for us for the night. There are pub crawls and golf outings and paintball shoots and other group things. I love this place.

* Being surrounded by geek boys again is fun. One, in particular, is flipping amazing.

* H had sort of a nervous breakdown; around June 24, she vanished without a trace along with about $1500 in rent and bill money for over a month. She reappeared for the first time two nights ago out of the blue, begging for me to let her return to the house. Um, no. I put her into a hotel for the night and am helping her find a new place to live, a new job and sundry other things. Despite the doubling of my rent unexpectedly, living alone again has been SO. NICE!

* School starts up again in less than a month, and I’ll have to reorganize my priorities again. Working midnights means I can go straight from work to a morning class, which is a good thing. Not having as much time to socialize and have fun is a bad thing.

* Speaking of work, back to it I go.

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